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Soul Strategist, Master NLP Coach and Intuitive Healer

With a colourful life so far, my journey of transformation and change has evolved me into the coach and healer I am today. I am confident in my own skin, living and speaking my truth and helping women to do the same. I like to pride myself on being a leader of positive inspiration, giving people the courage to follow their heart and live a life on purpose.

As the Soul Strategist, I create positive change in people through coaching, writing, speaking and events. I help women to powerfully connect with their intuition to create results in their personal and professional life. I have over 10 years of experience in both the communication and wellness sectors. As an avid traveller with a zest for life, I am passionate to enrich people’s lives with soulful experiences.

My Mission is to raise the level of consciousness in females around the world. I bring together a sisterhood of women to empower them with knowledge and emotional mastery to re-claim their feminine power and align with their soul. This is how I help you find true happiness and the courage to be your authentic self.

Soul Strategist, Master NLP Coach and Intuitive Healer.

To call Jen the Soul Strategist is an understatement. Jen is genuine, caring and gentle but also has an uncanny ability to make you laugh and cry.
She got to the bottom of my soul and into depths that I never thought possible for anyone to penetrate. Jen gave me something that I had not had before; the belief that I loved and respected myself. And she gave me the courage to be Wonder Woman! Thank you Jen. You're an angel wrapped up in a ball of energy like no other xx

Kristy Ireland
Personal Breakthrough Program

I wake each morning with a new found desire and passion for life. Jen's intuitive insights help me listen to my instinct and have the clarity to manifest what i fervently desire, to shed my ego and live as one with spirit. I highly recommend Jen to anyone that is truly ready to feel the pulse of life again.

Thank you Jen!! You are a gift to this universe.

Chantell Richardson
Business Owner

Book a Complimentary 45 Min Soul Strategy Session with Me (Value $450)

  • A strategy to find your purpose and take awakened action.

  • A technique to overcome fear and self-doubt.

  • A tool to use your mind to create results.

  • A shift in perspective for positive change.

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